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Hello and welcome to a refreshed and energized Mostasa home page. We've been busy down here at Mostasa headquarters, keeping our heads to the grind stone. We have lots of new and interesting projects for you to check out! We've also been busy beavers in the PR Department of Mostasa, doing lot's of funny, quirky, unorthodox interviews about how we see our work and what it's like to work with our clients, real fun! Hopefully we'll start work on our new web site soon, we've been so very busy taking care of our awesome clients. We wish everyone the very best. It's Spring time, love is in the air! Put down that mouse and go outside!
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We are featured in an interesting article, this month, on Design Interact called "Hollywood and the Internet" written by Joe Shepter. You can see our work and read as we spill the beans on what it's like working with film studios to create web sites for movies.

Also, look out for Mostasa in Ilise Benun's "Designing Web Sites For Every Audience". It's a very interesting book. We had a lot of fun during our many conversations with Ilise.

Hopefully, we will also be making a small appearance in the Adobe 20 Year Retrospective Book "Inside the Publishing Revolution: The Adobe Story". We haven't seen the book up-close-and-personal yet, but we did a really fun interview with the author, Pam Pfiffner.

Mostasa was interviewed in "HOW Magazine" last year, for Megan Lane's "The Web at the Movies" article. Check it out! Read the article in it's entirety!: click here & for a hi-rez PDF version of the article: click here.

recent projects
Red Curtain Trilogy DVD
Murder By Numbers
Deuces Wild
The Majestic
Moulin Rouge DVD
Batman Special Edition DVD
Jeepers Creepers
The Bond Picture Show on ABC
Sexy Beast DVD
sites we like, from the Mostasa vault
Silence of the Lambs - DVD
The World Is Not Enough
films that we have created web sites for
3 Strikes
Mod Squad
Spinal Tap DVD
Welcome to Woop Woop
Carrie 2
Disturbing Behavior
Miss Julie
Tea with Mussolini
The Thomas Crown Affair
Tom Sawyer DVD
where are they now?
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